• Image of Mountains of Another Kind by fabian romero

***Please note that shipping may take up to two weeks from the time you purchase the poster as the time to package and send shipments is contingent on my grad school, teaching and travel schedule. Purchase 3 weeks in advance if you plan to give as gifts for the holidays.***

This 35 page chapbook [with hand press printed cover] features some of my favorite poems such as "to be home", "we can be there for each other" and "recovery from oppression" and lesser-known poems, prose as well as a short story. This chapbook showcases my growth as a writer as well as gives trajectory for my future in writing.

I painstakingly made each cover by hand and with the help of Hukee at Community Print in Olympia, WA. The paper is a shimmery beige color which is hard to capture with a camera. I printed and put together each book so they will each be slightly imperfect (different from the others) and right for you. There are only 215 printed. xx