• Image of Reminders Poster

***Please note that shipping may take up to two weeks from the time you purchase the poster as the time to package and send shipments is contingent on my grad school, teaching and travel schedule. Purchase 3 weeks in advance if you plan to give as gifts.***

11x17 poster printed in matte finish on thick card stock

Originally sold in March of 2013 to raise funds for the Healing Together Network track of the 2013 Allied Media Conference. I am honored to be part of this project and that all individuals involved consented to my reprinting and reselling this lovely poster to support my work which now includes graduate school. I am a Ph.D. student of Feminist Studies at the University of Washington.

The artwork is by Texta Queen. This piece of art is beautiful and great for any space. The poem reads:

"healing is not linear
grief has no deadline
your ancestors have carried you through anxiety and worry
your body remembers
and it is possible to feel that way again"

Consider buying this piece for your home, your organization or your classroom.

Thank you to all the Healing Justice folks and Texta. You are a gift to me and the world. Thank you for purchasing this poster and supporting my dreams.

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