• Image of Soft Love Poster

Artist: Ana Vonhuben http://anavonhuben.com/

In collaboration with Ana Vonhuben, this poster showcases my poem "Soft Love"- a tribute to my now deleted blog, fabianswriting.tumblr.com. Written in 2013, this poem was my oath to maintain a tenderness through adversity, a feat often met with inner struggle. The poem reads:

"as i age i don’t want to be tougher
i want to be easier to love
i want age to soften me
to loosen the hard life nails that shut off tender from my touch
age, keep me curious
keep me believing in soft love"

Ana's style complements the depth of the poem well, making for a beautiful poster. Proceeds from the sales of this poster and "Murmurations" will go towards publishing my first collection of poetry by attending writing retreats. I am proud to say that I was accepted for this year's Tinhouse Writing Retreat cohort. I am trying to raise $2,000 to cover tuition.

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